Omamori, Goshuin, Ofuda

Omamori Amulets

Omamori amulets are a way to take the power of the kami away with you, to receive the support of the kami for particular purposes. They are available, in return for an offering of ¥500, at the Jinja Office. Omamori amulets are suitable as gifts for friends and family at home.

A standard omamori is a small bag, but you should not open it, and so they are made so that it is not possible to open them without breaking them.

There are general omamori for Himeji Jinja, available in red, white, or green.

There are also safe travel omamori, which can be a standard omamori, a sticker, or a key ring.

Finally, there are omamori for successful study.

Goshuin Seals

A goshuin is a stamp in red ink recording your visit to pay your respects at a jinja. You should pay your respects, as described above, before getting a goshuin.

When the Jinja Office is staffed, you may ask for the goshuin to be made in a dedicated book, called a goshuincho (these are available from the office). A small offering of ¥300 is required for each goshuin. If the office is not staffed, goshuin are available on separate sheets of paper; please leave your offering in the box.

There are two goshuin available, one for Himeji Jinja and one for Sunno Jinja.

As goshuin are a record of your visit to the jinja, they are not suitable as gifts.


Ofuda are representations of the kami for veneration in your home. If you wish to do this, you are welcome to make an offering of ¥800 and receive an ofuda.