Paying Your Respects

You should pay your respects to the kami in the same way at each jinja. The video shows general instructions for any jinja.

First, cleanse yourself with water at the purification font.

Take the ladle in your right hand and scoop up some water. 

Rinse your left hand, then pass the ladle to your left hand and rinse your right hand. 

Pass the ladle back to your right hand 

Pour some water into your left hand, and rinse your mouth. 

Rinse your left hand, which touched your mouth, again. 

Out of consideration for the next person to use it, put the ladle back neatly where you found it. 

To pay your respects, go to the front of the jinja, and ring the bell. Offer a coin or two in the box if you wish.

Bow twice, deeply.

Clap twice.

At this point, you may offer thanks or make a request if you wish.

Bow once, deeply.